• Assisting our client in knowing and understanding legal and contractual implications of the contract.
  • Guide our clients site management in critical functions accompanying the contract.
  • Ensuring that all legalities are met and honored by our clients in terms of the main contract.

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  • Assist all our client’s subcontractors with their orders and requisitions.
  • Assist in our client’s subcontractor co-ordination.
  • Assist our client to set up and chairing subcontractor meetings.
  • Ensuring that all legalities are met and honored by our client’s subcontractors.
  • Ensuring that our clients subcontractors quality complies to the main contract.
  • Ensuring that compliance is made with regards to programming and planning for the subcontractors of our client.


  • Ensuring that our clients clerks are on track with current orders.
  • Ensuring that all our clients requisitions and orders are put through your procurement process correctly.
  • Checking the receipting and vouchering of suppliers is captured under correct cost coding for our clients site.
  • Negotiate favorable prices from our client’s suppliers.
  • Making sure that redundant open orders are closed to prevent fraud on our clients site.


  • Assist in the submissions of claims/valuations for our clients site.
  • Assist our clients in identifying variations and cost implications.
  • Identify and maximize on opportunities and minimize risks to your project for our various clients.


  • Assist with Profit/Loss report to our client’s top management.
  • Assist in daily and weekly costing checks.


  • Sub-ordinate management and development in line with our client’s mentorship program.


  • Create, maintain and update construction program in line with our client’s contractual obligations.


  • Assist in training and or coaching all our client’s sub-ordinates.
  • Ensure that regular Performance Management sessions are held in line with our client’s mentorship program.
  • Check if all our client’s sub-ordinates have the means to do the job.
  • Assist in making sure our clients sub-ordinates are held accountable for their actions on site.
  • Our client’s sub-ordinates will be treated with respect.


  • Set up and monitor regular sub-ordinate and management meetings for our clients site.
  • Set up and monitor regular client and contractor meetings.
  • Set up and monitor regular subcontractor and contractor meetings.
  • Assist our client in writing your contractual letters.


  • Ensuring all our client role-players are complying with the OSH Act.
  • Setting up our clients SHE-Rep committee and teaching our clients site management the fundamentals of running a successful SHE-Rep meeting.
  • Setting up our clients site specific safety file in line with your client’s requirement.


  • Maintaining our client’s quality procedure.
  • Setting up our clients site specific data packs in line with their client’s requirements.

12. HR/IR

  • Check and update our client’s disciplinary procedure.
  • Assist our client in any disciplinary action against their staff.
  • Set up our client’s key performance index and key performance area.


  • Assist our clients in checking technical information (drawings, etc.) and raising the required request for information documentation.
  • Assist our clients in obtaining site instructions from their clients.
  • We will help our clients in redlining their drawings.